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:bulletwhite: Victini ~ Trumpets of Victory
:bulletgreen: Bulbasaur ~ Happy
:bulletgreen: Ivysaur ~ Natural
:bulletred: Charmeleon ~ Destruction
:bulletblue: Wartortle ~ Muddy Water
:bulletblue: Blastoise ~ New Best Friends
:bulletgreen: Caterpie ~ Earnest
:bulletgreen: Metapod ~ Quiet Time
:bulletgreen: Kakuna ~ Aspiration
:bulletpink: Pidgey ~ Spring
:bulletpink: Pidgeot ~ Sentinel
:bulletpink: Rattata ~ Route 101
:bulletpink: Spearow and Luxray ~ Uh, Judge...
:bulletpurple: Ekans ~ Phobia  
:bulletyellow: Raichu ~ Storm Summoner  
:bulletorange: Sandshrew ~ Shy
:bulletorange: Sandslash ~ Rough Terrain
:bulletpurple: Nidoran Male ~ Poison Point
:bulletpink: Clefairy~ Mount Moon  
:bulletpink: Clefable ~ Star Man  
:bulletred: Vulpix ~ Fruit Fan
:bulletred: Ninetales ~ Guardian
:bulletpink: Jigglypuff ~ One Day...
:bulletpurple: Zubat ~ Repellent?
:bulletgreen: Oddish ~ Jewelled
:bulletpurple: Gloom ~ Sprouting
:bulletpurple: Vileplume ~ Smileplume
:bulletpurple: Venonat ~ Secrets
:bulletblue: Psyduck ~ The Critic
:bulletblue: Golduck ~ Ebb and Flow
:bulletorange: Mankey ~ The Gymnast
:bulletorange: Primeape ~ Treetop Warrior
:bulletred: Growlithe ~ Fetch?
:bulletred: Arcanine ~ Surveillance
:bulletblue: Poliwag ~ Oh Noes!!
:bulletblue: Poliwhirl ~ Lakeside in Kanto
:bulletblue: Poliwrath ~ Sailor
:bulletwhite: Abra ~ Teleportation
:bulletwhite: Alakazam ~ Saffron City
:bulletorange: Machop ~ Training Spot
:bulletorange: Geodude ~ Grump
:bulletblue: Slowpoke~ Pinkest Pond Dweller
:bulletpink: Farfetch'd~ Definitely Not Lunch
:bulletblue: Dewgong and Seel ~ Snow
:bulletblack: Gengar ~ Haunted
:bulletyellow: Voltorb ~ Bolt Hole
:bulletyellow: Electrode ~ Odd One Out
:bulletorange: Cubone and Poochyena ~ 'Where Have You Buried It?'
:bulletorange: Rhyhorn ~ Ground Level
:bulletgreen: Tangela ~ Relative Jungle
:bulletblue: Starmie ~ Reflection
:bulletpink: Tauros ~ Going Solo
:bulletyellow: Electabuzz ~ Wishful Thinking
:bulletpink: Ditto ~ Adaptation
:bulletpink: Eevee ~ Sweet Treat
:bulletred: Flareon ~ Guilty
:bulletpink: Porygon ~ Recognition
:bulletblue: Omanyte ~ Wet
:bulletblue: Kabutops ~ Ressurected
:bulletblue: Articuno ~ Pride
:bulletred: Moltres ~ Mt Ember Peak
:bulletpink: Dragonair ~ Purity
:bulletpink: Dragonite ~ Peace
:bulletwhite: Mew ~ Shadowbush
:bulletgreen: Chikorita ~ Foray Into Foliage
:bulletgreen: Bayleef ~ Plant Life
:bulletgreen: Meganium ~ Grasslands
:bulletred: Cyndaquil and Quilava ~ Babysitting
:bulletred: Typhlosion ~ Battle Scarred
:bulletblue: Croconaw ~ Be Mine
:bulletgreen: Ledyba ~ Roses Are Red
:bulletgreen: Spinarak and Ledian ~ Ilex Forest
:bulletgreen: Ariados  ~ Busy
:bulletwhite: Natu ~ Psychic Eyes
:bulletyellow: Flaaffy  ~ Lighthouse Trainee
:bulletgreen: Sunkern  ~ Sunkissed
:bulletblue: Wooper ~ Urban Explorer
:bulletblue: Quagsire ~ Spa Treatmentr
:bulletgreen: Heracross ~ King of the Copse
:bulletblue: Delibird and Miltank ~ Global Warming
:bulletorange: Donphan ~ Bastion
:bulletpink: Porygon2 ~ Midnight Gamer
:bulletpink: Stantler ~ Regal
:bulletpink: Smeargle ~ Vandal
:bulletyellow: Elekid ~ Earthed
:bulletyellow: Raikou ~ Standing Storm
:bulletblue: Suicune ~ Crystal Plain
:bulletwhite: Lugia ~ Soul Silver
:bulletgreen: Celebi ~ Innocence
:bulletgreen: Treecko ~ The Chase
:bulletgreen: Grovyle ~ Verdant Ninja
:bulletred: Torchic ~ The Step-Brother
:bulletred: Combusken ~ Forest Fire
:bulletred: Blaziken ~ The Athlete
:bulletblue: Mudkip ~ Unrequited Love
:bulletgreen: Wurmple ~ Mossy Paradise
:bulletgreen: Silcoon ~ Let Me Be
:bulletgreen: Seedot ~ Disguise
:bulletpink: Azurill ~ Violets Are Blue
:bulletpink: Skitty ~ Hai!
:bulletpink: Delcatty ~ Floral Feline
:bulletyellow: Plusle ~ Online
:bulletgreen: Volbeat ~ Autumn Eve
:bulletpink: Flygon ~ Majesty
:bulletpink: Swablu ~ Snow Wings
:bulletpink: Kecleon ~ Finding Camouflage
:bulletpink: Salamence ~ Blackthorn Mountain
:bulletwhite: Latias ~ Destination Sky  
:bulletorange: Groudon ~ Lush Spring Drought
:bulletpink: Rayquaza ~ Sky Pillar
:bulletwhite: Jirachi ~ Wish Dial
:bulletred: Infernape ~ Burning Glade
:bulletgreen: Grotle ~ Verde
:bulletgreen: Torterra ~ Christmas Tree
:bulletblue: Piplup ~ Family
:bulletpink: Starly ~ Roost
:bulletpink: Bidoof ~ Sunbathing
:bulletyellow: Shinx ~ A Rock With A View
:bulletyellow: Luxray ~ No Escape
:bulletorange: Shieldon ~ Caught in the Headlights
:bulletgreen: Mothim ~ Bulb For Flame
:bulletyellow: Pachirisu and Nidoking ~ Problem Neighbour
:bulletblue: Buizel~ In My Element
:bulletgreen: Cherubi ~ Cherries
:bulletorange: Gastrodon~ Sea Stones
:bulletpink: Aipom ~ Keeping Cool
:bulletpink: Ambipom ~ King of the Swingers
:bulletblack: Drifloon ~ Lilac
:bulletpink: Buneary ~ Carefree
:bulletpink: Lopunny ~ Home
:bulletblack: Honchkrow ~ Home For The Winter
:bulletpurple: Stunky ~ Love Stinks
:bulletwhite: Bronzong ~ Bell Tower
:bulletpink: Chatot ~ Nom Nom
:bulletpink: Munchlax ~ The Hitch Hiker
:bulletorange: Lucario ~ Territorial Power
:bulletorange: Hippowdon ~ Emerge
:bulletpurple: Toxicroak and Croagunk ~ Poisonous Smile
:bulletgreen: Carnivine ~ Bracken Smile
:bulletpink: Lickilicky ~ Confectionery Connoisseur
:bulletblue: Glaceon ~ Practising
:bulletpurple: Gliscor ~ Wall Crawl  
:bulletwhite: Uxie ~ Time Out
:bulletwhite: Mesprit ~ Pink is Power  
:bulletwhite: Azelf ~ Elusion
:bulletorange: Dialga ~ Ruins of Time
:bulletblue: Palkia ~ Spacial Aurora  
:bulletgreen: Shaymin Land Forme ~ Princess of Plants
:bulletgreen: Shaymin Sky Forme ~ Prince of Plants
:bulletgreen: Snivy ~ Smugleaf
[Bullet; Green] Serperior ~ Limbless Ninja
[Bullet; Blue] Oshawott ~ Trepidation
[Bullet; Blue] Samurott ~ Waterside Warrior
[Bullet; Pink] Pidove ~ Late Afternoon
[Bullet; Pink] Cinccino ~ Albino Cinccino
[Bullet; Pink] Axew ~ Fall
[Bullet; Red] Reshiram ~ Blue Flare
[Bullet; Yellow] Zekrom ~ Power

Check out my sister's photos, also ~ :iconlaurakitazawa:


amarinimo's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
I don't have a fancy camera.
But I do have many small Pokémon figures.

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love the pokemon works :icondummylaplz:
Operia Apr 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for joining #Shiny-Pokemon-FTW, I hope you enjoy all that the group has to offer :D
Thanks for the welcome!
Operia Apr 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Of course :D
estudyante15 Apr 13, 2012  Student Photographer
hi just visited your page , awesome gallery! hope you watch me too. thanks! :)
FallenStarGirl Apr 12, 2012
Hi, I was wondering, would you like to join Pokemon Creativity? [link]
I really like all your pokemon deviations of your figurines:)
RedLotusBlade Apr 1, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for your submissions~

The Legend Seekers appreciates your dedication!
Ultramarine619 Mar 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You have been tagged! Check my journal for the rules!
Hello ~ Nice to meet you

I am a papercrafter and I have same interest with you ~ Taking pkm outside, but one different is mine are paper

I'm glad if we can make friends
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